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Eco Friendly Clothing

A Different Kind of Clothing Company

Planetary Asylum is leading a revolution in ethical fashion. We are a unisex clothing store that provides eco-friendly apparel for all genders at an affordable price.

Our mission is to empower those who wear our clothing and promote ethical manufacturing practices and eco-friendly production processes. read more about our mission Check out this Interview on Voyage LA Mag with our founder's plans for this brand's growth!


Whether you are looking for the latest trend or wish to upgrade your wardrobe, we promise quality garments made with integrity and care. By purchasing from us, customers can be assured that their money is supporting sustainable businesses that prioritize people and planet over profit.

As we strive to make a difference in the industry, purchasing eco-friendly clothing becomes more than just a dress code: it’s an actionable solution to modern problems facing our planet, such as deforestation, mass water pollution and human exploitation. Shop with us today to join us on this journey!

read more about our mission! Check out this Interview on Voyage LA Magazine with our founder's plans for Planetary Asylum's growth in the eco-friendly streetwear space.

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